Adopt a row

How to join

Download the form below "adopt a vineyard row in Lanze", fill in the parts highlighted in yellow and send us to the email address

For further information

For more information contact the Assessor of the City of Castagnole Lanze Elisabetta Stella at number +39 347 8705754 or send an email with the form on this page.

Bank transfer

For payment please make Bank transfer to Municipality of Castagnole delle Lanze Via Ruscone, 9 14054 Castagnole delle Lanze (AT) - ITALY using the following bank details:

CASSA DI RISPARMIO DI ASTI Fil. Castagnole delle Lanze

IBAN: IT29 Z060 8510 3160 0000 0020 102

The adoption contract consists of:

  • Choice of the row in the favorite vineyard
  • Name and surname of the adopter on the adopted row wooden head stake
  • Instant information on the status of the adopted row by webcam on the web site
  • Opportunity to visit and attend the row processing, harvesting and winemaking
  • Receive a minimum of 12 bottles of 0.75 liters of high quality Barbera
  • Personalized label with name and surname of the adopter, the row number and name of the vineyard
  • Possibility of “giving” the row to a third person - a wonderful unique gift

Objectives of the Municipality

  • Land and wine landscape safeguard and protection, candidate for UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Ensure the survival of grapes producers, custodians of the land
  • Search more high-quality product in the bottle
  • Creation of tourist itineraries in the territory of "Lanze"
  • Encourage and reward "loyal Tourism"
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