Mayor invitation

 A unique and suggestive landscape, which changes colors with the seasons, and then the spices, foods, wines, perfumes: all this are the hills of Lanze. Land of great wines such as Barbera and Moscato. Spaces to go slowly, wandering between rows of vines and environments shaped by nature and man, discovering area after area of authentic territory unique, real and fascinating. Places where surviving traditions are linked to peasant culture, as the game”pallapugno”, religious art for churches and votives pillars that blend with gentle slopes which dominate ancient villages. Landscapes immortalized by Pavese, Fenoglio, Lajolo, Arpino, Nuto Revelli, whose pages suggest the visitor endless routes ... It is in these places that we invite you to experience a unique and exciting with the "adopt a vineyard row in Lanze”.
And then, goodbye to the Castagnole Lanze!

Marco Violardo

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